top best penny stocks watchlist 2017 to buy now and make huge money

US penny stock market has always been a Klondike for investors from all over the globe. More and more people are now getting rich with pink sheets as their value rose significantly from a year earlier. For example, such hot picks as Marijuana stocks could lead to a multi-billion industry per year as early as 2017.

Top penny stocks are usually the companies with reputable history, performing records and liquidity potential as per long-term outlook. Being a professional trader, I am aware of the risk associated with the volatile environment of this market. But I know how to handle it to make handsome profits and live a life of luxury.  And you can do it, too!

I think that is the reason why you’ve been looking for this 2017 watchlist, right?

Below please find the top 5 hot picks in 2017 along with a short description. Hurry up traders! Today’s an excellent time to invest!

1General Cannabis Corp

top best penny stocks watchlist 2017 to buy now and make huge money

Symbol: CANN

Price: $1.75 

52-week range: $0.69 to $5.19

A respected company that offers different services and products to firms in the weed industry. The scope of CANN’s business solutions ranges from regulatory and operational consulting to finance and marketing products. The CANN’s sector covers cash and securities management, real estate, marketing and finance, consulting and advisory services. The current market cap of the company is $30.84m with shares outstanding nearly 20M. The one-year performance rate is 81.80% which is absolutely fantastic!  This hot pick is among our leaders in swing trades. Stocks are currently hovering around $1.75 and clearing $2 can trigger an upside move to at least $3 (above $4.5 in the long-run). Further legalization of marijuana could technically bring it back up to historical highs of 2014 (over $50). I expect a continuous bullish move as the cannabis market 2017 must outperform the broader market.

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2. Urbana Corp

top best penny stocks watchlist 2017 to buy now and make huge money

Symbol: UBAAF

Price: $2.45

52-week range: $2.11 to $3.79

A very interesting stock that deserves closer attention. Urbana Corporation is a well-known investment company based out of Canada. The UBAAF is a guaranteed investment fund as well as investment fund aimed at applicable securities laws. Its area of business interests includes investing into public and private equities. At the same time, the Company invests into a number of private companies across different industries, which is a huge chunk of their investment portfolio. Urbana has showed unbelievable bullish rally since 2015 when it has almost doubled its price per share. It is a hot pick which is now trading around $2.6 with the average trading volume of 3.04k. With the current market cap of over $127m the UBBAF reported a net income of $43.70m as of June 2017 and the diluted Earnings per Share for those three months ended in June reached $0.03.

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3. Nemaura Medical Inc

top best penny stocks watchlist 2017 to buy now and make huge money

Symbol: NMRD

Price: $5.19

52-week range: $1.4 to $9.6

Founded in 2009 the Company has yet made a revolution in treatments for diabetes symposium. In February 2017 at the Paris medical conference NEMAURA announced its very new sugarBEAT™ device that caused a mighty furore. SugarBEAT™ is a wireless and, what is important, non-invasive skin patch designed for those with Type I and Type II diabetes which can be also used for pre-diabetic purposes. NEMAURA is a holding company that possesses specialty medical facilities to develop and test such kind of devices to help cure various forms of diabetes.  NEMAURA has reached an incredible $1bn of market cap in 8 years. As per latest June 2017 QE the net income growth constituted 17.4% and prices soared to over $9 per share in May 2017 from as low as $2 in April. R&D expenses dropped by 51% since 2016 as sugarBEAT™ is almost completed and waiting to hit the medical market soon. I’ll be keeping my eye on this hot pick until further notice. Their device will definitely screw the competitors. The share price seems to be undervalued though but I am looking to buy the dips below $5.

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4. Fortress Biotech

Symbol: FBIO

Price: $4.25

52-week range: $1.88 to $5.07

Fortress Biotech Inc. is engaged in a biopharmaceutical business. The Company is currently working on the immunotherapy agents development to be used for the subsequent treatment of cancer. A full-fledged project that will change the biopharmaceuticals industry forever. Their new upcoming product is called CNDO-109. This is a lysate which includes cell proteins and cell membrane fragments aimed at activating donor NK cells. In more simple words, the company is looking to unfold CNDO-109 to fight leukaemia diseases. The FBIO is a penny stock trading around the $4.25 level. Back in 2013 the price skyrocketed to $11 followed by a massive selloff due to share liquidation. Incredible 1-year performance of 49.65% makes me keep the above stock on my radar list. The public float is over 27M with the average volume of 213K. Fast forward to 2018, the Company is looking to evolve its business as CNDO-109 may expect commercial success and push growth rate to new highs.

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5. Cannabis Science Inc.

Symbol: CBIS

Price: $0.0512

52-week range: $0.0129 to $0.1395

Our last top mover off the list is a company in the bio therapeutic drugs industry.  Cannabis Science Inc. engages in marijuana R&D. All kinds of critical illnesses, which can be cured by phytocannabinoid-based products, is the primary goal of the Company. Creation of cannabis-based pharmaceuticals, both psychoactive and non-psychoactive effects, to treat diseases and for general health, too. They are now working on governmentally approved drugs, including CS-TATI1, CS-S/BCC-1 along with the development of neurological therapy. I am holding these shares (bought at $0.0435) with the further breakup and bullish moves up to the sky. Yearly performance rate is 241% (!!). The shares exploded in May and now pulled back a little. With a relatively small total revenue in 2016 (just $9.3k) the Company has a huge potential in the upcoming years amid US legalization ease.  Balance sheet is improving so we can expect strong YE results by the end of 2017.

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