Top 5 Best Penny Stocks To Buy In 2018

Top 5 Best Penny Stocks To Buy In 2018

Why Penny Stocks Are More than their Potential for Success

The following are some of the best penny stocks you can take advantage of given their companies’ excellent reputation, high profit performance and increasing growth potential:

1. General Cannabis Corp

SymbolPrice52-week rangeStock Alert
CANN$4.03$1.08 - $11.19Click here

CANN is a holding company that is involved in lease provision for licensed marijuana operators in segments of marketing, securities, finance, consulting and real estate.  With a market capitalization reaching more than 140 million dollars and outstanding shares nearing 40 million dollars, it turned in a performance rate of 101.5% in one year.  Given the positive outlook on the marijuana industry with all the ongoing legalization efforts, Cann is a good choice if you are after its long-term earning potential.  Note that the share price at this time is around $4.03.

2. Immunovaccine Inc

SymbolPrice52-week rangeStock Alert
IMV.TO$2.13$1.04 - $2.55Click here

A very interesting stock that deserves closer attention. To be honest it is a completely new joiner on my 2018 list but I am keeping my eye on it to catch its ascent. Immunovaccine Inc. was founded in Canada and is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company. The business covers development of products based on unique platform with embedded vaccine improvement, which focuses on T cells to activate therapies for cancer. The company has announced its DepoVax platform, which serves as a controller for antigens and adjuvant flowing into the immune system. Putting the above description aside, IMV.TO stock has been doing great since 6 months now. The market cap is holding at $292 million with shares outstanding 137M. As regards financials, the company’s gross profit has increased whereas the net income has dropped. The price is currently hovering around $2.13 and I am looking to buy long once my alert set-up confirmed. Stay tuned for more insights

3. Nemaura Medical Inc

SymbolPrice52-week rangeStock Alert
NMRD$3.34$2.50 - $9.60Click here

Founded in 2009 the Company has yet made a revolution in treatments for diabetes symposium. In February 2017 at the Paris medical conference NEMAURA announced its very new sugarBEAT™ device that caused a mighty furore. SugarBEAT™ is a wireless and, what is important, non-invasive skin patch designed for those with Type I and Type II diabetes, which can be deployed for pre-diabetic purposes, too. NEMAURA is a holding company that possesses specialty medical facilities to develop and test such kind of devices to help cure various forms of diabetes.  NEMAURA has reached an incredible $226 million of market cap. As per latest QE the net loss was $466.366 to which slightly disappoints me, even though that happened due to one-time factors. I am keeping my eye on it to see if they can recover and get back to normal. I bought the stock at $4.7 in January (again thanks to this) but bailed out when we hit $6. Regardless of weak QE reports, I am more than sure that their device will screw the competitors in 2018.

4. Fortress Biotech

SymbolPrice52-week rangeStock Alert
FBIO$4.19$3.14 - $5.54Click here

Fortress Biotech Inc. is engaged in a biopharmaceutical business. The Company is currently working on the immunotherapy agent’s development to be used for the subsequent treatment of cancer. A full-fledged project that will change the biopharmaceuticals industry forever. Their new product is called CNDO-109. This is a lysate which includes cell proteins and cell membrane fragments aimed at activating donor NK cells. In more simple words, the company is looking to unfold CNDO-109 to fight leukaemia diseases. In December 2017 I bought this stock at $3.5 for medium-run and closed out in March 2018 at $5.2. FBIO’s shares have not performed well enough over the last month but that stock is definitely on my next-to-buy radar. The public float is over 51M with the average volume of 168K (still needs more liquidity). At this price, I don’t find it very attractive yet but still is a penny stock worth following.

5. Cannabis Science Inc

SymbolPrice52-week rangeStock Alert
CBIS$0.06$0.027 - $0.14Click here

Cannabis Science Inc. Industry – therapeutic drugs. The company engages in marijuana R&D. All kinds of critical illnesses, which are being cured by phytocannabinoid-based products, is the primary goal of the company. Creation of cannabis-based pharmaceuticals, both psychoactive and non-psychoactive effects, to treat diseases and for general health, too. They are currently working on governmentally approved drugs, including CS-TATI1, CS-S/BCC-1 along with the development of neurological therapy. I am still holding these shares (bought at $0.0435) looking for further ascending move to at least highs of 2014. The shares exploded in May and now pulled back a little. As stated earlier, I am a big fan of the cannabis market and I would wait for the price to come through $0.075 to purchase more shares.

7 Sound Reasons Why The Penny Stock Market Is The Best Investment In 2018

“The story of my life: from a binary options lame duck to a guru in the penny stock industry!”

Hey there!

Have you ever thought of solving your financial problems to become independent, self-sufficient and successful?

What type of group do you belong to? Are you a money chaser or do you make your money work for you?

Check out my story below – it’s worth reading if you want to learn more about penny stocks and financial indepence.

This Is How It All Began

For as long as I can remember, I have always been very determined kid, which doesn’t get easily discouraged while chasing the goals.

I was born to a mid-class family and my parents were very conservative and sometimes banned me from spending pocket money on my personal needs. Furthermore, I was taught how to how maturely spend every single penny I had on me.

Of course, like any other child of my age, I wanted more! When I turned 18, I made a promise to myself that I would start making good money regardless of all ups and downs in my life.

My first acquaintance with the psychology of moneymaking happened online due to catchy banner ads. I saw plenty of those on the internet and especially the ones promoting binary options and forex trading.

“As a 20yr old student, I started to become very interested in trading business, especially in the currency market.”

Binary options caught my attention first. They had plenty of benefits over traditional options:

  •  Payout percentage – 70% per one trade
  •  Low spreads
  •  50+ instruments in one place
  •  Low initial investments
  •  Sweet bonuses
  •  Risk-free trades

When I set up an account on the website, my manager offered a welcome bonus to me as a new joiner. Fortunately, I turned it down as all these ‘sweet bonuses’ seemed very unsafe to me.

However, I was very excited to get started as soon as possible and I hit the books to familiarize myself with the algorithms, trend analysis, fundamental cornerstones and other relevant material.

Yes, I began my preparation in advance and highly recommend everyone to do that before you make important investing decisions.

In the beginning, I was working hard to understand market sentiment to know how to enter and exit the market.

When I had finally grasped the concept, I started making small money and each time I increased the lot size, the payouts increased accordingly!

I was super excited about all that progress and shortly gained confidence in trading binary options. So, I “levelled up” as a day trader and on the wave of success tripled my initial investments.

“Soon afterwards, I realized that broker was playing unfair with me”…

I suffered so much slippage when I went on with that tripled investment. My in/out buttons got hanged after some time, the payout percentage shrunk, expiry time changed and withdrawal time lengthened.

My lovely account manager kept ignoring all my emails, his phone was offline and I finally concluded that the brokerage was nothing else but a market maker that buys and sells at specified prices to work off the clients.

So I Lost My Money…

Well yeah…I ended up completely broke with zero funds on my trading account.

I felt very depressed and devastated that there was no little chance to get at least half of my money back. We all knew the rules of the game and I was among many of those who failed.

Oh, well, unfortunately the internet police do not exist yet to protect us from the market makers.

“Luckily, I am not that type of a person who bursts into tears after failure“

Penny Stocks

My Second Chance

What to do when life hits you hard? Guess what, you are not alone so bring some positivism in your life and keep it up!

After a couple of weeks after the collapse, I came back with my ultimate idea of how to proceed making money online.

To my surprise, financial markets remained a core industry for me so I was 100% sure I would get back to trading again and my choice fell on the Forex market.

I was aware of huge selection of forex brokers out there but crossing new players might be a bad idea. Therefore, I thought that I should be working only with a licensed broker for long-term business relations. And I found one shortly.

I knew I had to start my trading journey completely from scratch but this turning point was a leap forward in my life experience.

“With each passing day, I was getting my trading skillset upgraded into a completely new level.”

Discovering the Forex Market

Forex trading has never been a make-money-fast scheme. For me it became an essential part of everyday life and I must admit I had completely forgotten about any financial problems at that time.

It took a lot of time to master my craft but I became a real expert in currency trading. High liquidity, volume analysis and classic price action techniques helped me achieve tremendous results especially in the year 2016.

Unfortunately, these times did not last long, for the second time in a row. Due to a number of economic and political events (Brexit votes, Trump presidency, oil supply controversy, etc.) in 2017, the currency market turned out to be so fragile that almost everything could spook it. The erstwhile credibility was gone.

Since I was trading more long-term rather than short-term – the movements I saw on major currencies did not reassure me at all. At some point, I realized that Forex market was tighten up and I should start looking for alternative ways of how to make a living trading online.

To be honest I don’t quite remember how many books and articles I have gone through and how much time spend on market research. In addition, I don’t remember the exact day when I first encountered an absolutely new niche for me – the penny stock market.

Wait, What?

Yes, you heard it right! A completely different market with different type of investors in it, much better returns and low capital investments.

For those who have ever been trading online are aware of the tenets – sitting all day long and monitoring the markets looking for better spots to jump in. Sounds very familiar to you guys, right?

This is exactly what I have been doing for the last 6 years now and, to be honest, I am sick and tired of this.

“By trading penny stocks, I have completely changed my approach to intraday trades“

Market Derivatives: Future, Options and Swaps

No daily analysis and speculative risk anymore.

It is all about the stock market, industry analysis, competitors analysis, companies’ financial health and their profitability ratios.

What Are Penny Stocks/Shares?

Well, it is a publicly traded stock that investors can purchase at a very low price (usual price range: from $1 to $5 and sometimes for pennies, too) which in turn gives a nice opportunity to earn good money. By the way, you can day trade penny stocks to get even better returns.

“Here is my list of 7 reasons why I keep investing into the penny stock market in 2018″

1. Penny Stocks Is An Affordable Investment

Dream big, pay less. It’s kind of my interpretation of the quote and the reason I put it here is that penny stocks don’t cost you much to make your dreams come true.

You have skills, knowledge and understand the game but you don’t have enough funds to trade stocks, futures, and options. What would you do then?

Exactly, you could choose penny stocks and invest wisely without putting in an enormous amount of money.

Let me give you an example: you invest $5.000 and purchase 10.000 shares of a $0.5 penny stock. Sounds good to you?

It costs you the same amount of money to purchase many shares of a penny stock than just a few of a regular stock.

2. It Has Great Rate of Return

Penny stock market is growing from year to year. There are plenty of great companies trading for pennies and many of them are about to join the list in 2018.

You as an investor have a unique chance to buy stocks that may bring you big profits later on.

Let me get back to our previous example. Suppose you have purchased 10.000 shares of a $0.5 penny stock.

In the next couple of weeks, the price goes up to $1 per share and you will have gained a 100% return or $5.000. And what if the price has reached $2?

Check it out yourself

3. OTC Advantages Over Traditional Stock Exchange

Penny stocks are traded over-the-counter (OTC), particularly on the OTC Bulletin Board and Pinks Sheets, which are sort of NYSE and NASDAQ for trading microcaps.

These stocks have a market capitalization of between $50 million to $300 million. Mid-cap companies can be both mature businesses and new players in the industry.

All OTC trading is executed electronically through dealers, and since there is no standardized place where to trade these shares, OTC listed companies have less requirements as opposed to traditional stock exchange.

So what are the Pros of trading Over-the-counter market?

  •   First, there are plenty of former NYSE and NASDAQ stocks that are delisted from the traditional exchanges to relocate to the OTC market. In fact, investors can buy once best performers for less price.
  •   They actually do so because cheap stocks could make a comeback and that’s when all the allure comes in. Many top stocks plunged down due to multiple recessions but still have a great potential to recover as penny stocks.
  •   All over-the-counter contracts are reciprocal between a buyer and a seller. It is a private arrangement between two parties with no third party involved.

4. Due Diligence Helps You Achieve Great Results


Due diligence is very important for any investment decision, especially when you deal with the penny stock market.

As stated earlier, cheap stocks reflect small-cap and mid-cap companies, where trivial news (e.g. personnel lay-off, customer service complaints) can significantly influence the price moves.

Concentrate on the company’s core ratios and profit drivers. The more research work you put in, the better your trading results will be. That’s 100% true.

When trading penny stocks keep an eye on the below:

5. Penny Stocks Is An Understandable Market

Penny stocks have always been less popular in comparison with binary options and forex.

However, this one of a few markets where you can predict the next moves – hence your odds of making profits significantly increase. For the past 3 years, Forex has undergone numerous shifts towards higher volatility. Market manipulation, rumors, fake news, data breach, etc. all that can have an impact on the price movement.

Unlike forex, penny stock market is still trading due to basic supply and demand rules. And this is exactly what I love about trading cheap stocks! All you need to learn is how to trade with the trend, identify market reversals and make your trade setup.

6. Penny Stocks Are Less Liquid and Leveraged

The ultimate goal of trading for most of us is of course making money.

Both investors and traders are taking risks to pull off as much profit as they can, especially when talking about unlimited profit opportunities.

But hang on for a second – do you know how aggressive investors may end up?

I am not saying these people are greedy, but when you invest in a highly leveraged market, you may eventually end up broke. Are you really interested in this? I don’t think so.

Top performing penny stocks give you the right to use borrowed money but the ratio is not that high as opposed to the other markets.

I know what you are going to say – stay away of low trading liquidity cheap stocks. Yes, that’s correct but penny stocks are not low-volume stocks. Mid-cap companies usually operate with lower liquidity as their core focus on the smaller market. That’s a fantastic investment opportunity for those who have interest in certain industries only.

Best Penny Stocks

7. You Can Earn More With Penny Stocks

The allure of investing in penny stocks is very straightforward: you can make big profits in short time. As these stocks are cheap, your average daily return maybe around 15% to 20%. Again, that is a 1-DAY RETURN!

But I have one recommendation for all penny stock lovers out there: when you reach your profit target – close out your position and lock in profits.

Yes, I mean it seriously! As the penny stock market fluctuates quickly, your greediness may kill you and wipe all your profits in just one breath. There is no need to wait for 200-300% returns per day (unless you are a Pro trader)!

Penny stock market has far less liquidity as opposed to Forex. Yes, I agree on that. But at the same time, your odds are much higher here to make consistent profits from day to day due to clarity and understanding of the market.

“Why did I choose penny stocks over other financial instruments?”

Global financial market is full of handsome and attractive investments.

When I was doing my research, I came across the well-known and very reliable penny stock newsltter – Microcap Millionaires™.

I was very impressed because these guys did a tremendous work on technical analysis to find out which one is good for penny stocks. I would never be trading penny stocks had I not bumped into Microcap Millionaires™ newsletter.

They built a trading system which helps its members to pick  top best penny stock movers and make tremendous gains on them.

Do you think that a 100% return is still not possible, huh? Check this out!