London open binary options trading strategy

London  open binary options  strategy has more experience in the market during the European session. The European trading session is the area of expertise in the market  London  open binary options trading  strategy. It has the required level of understanding and knowledge of currency trading. It is important a significant experience. Professional  presentation  trading strategies to traders and starting to learn technical analysis.

Market is opened 24 hours a day, five days a week. There are three markets, the Asian, European and the US markets. Asian market has slowed while the European and the US market living and a lot of turbulence. The largest volume of trading takes place on the  market when London and New York overlap and it is time frame 8am-11am by EST. London open binary options trading strategy gives special emphasis on the European session in time frame 3am-11am by EST.

During this period, the largest occurring turbulence in exchange rates and in particular currency pairs EUR / USD and USD / JPY. It is a time when publishing strong economic data that affect positively or negatively the growth rate. If the published data are higher than expected it will have a positive impact on primary currency. For example, if the trade balance in the euro zone rose more than expected exchange rate euro will rise and the dollar will fall. It means that euro gets stronger against the US dollar

Strategies are often   applied to different markets and different scenarios. It has  to conclude what is the trend of the market, is growing, whether falling or going sideways. Is price an upward swing? Or has reached extremes? Is volatility is high or low? It has to be tested support or resistance ? Answers to these questions will be given by London open binary options trading   strategy. It has been used the necessary tools like candlestick that determine the highest and lowest price of the exchange rates or the bottom and the peak of the trend channel.


EUR/USD  Trade

Resistance: 1.24620

Support: 1.23920

Expiry time: 4 hours

Strategy: CALL

Entry position: 1.24410

Expiry  1.24510 and recorded in the money.

The pair stands above its new support.

USD/JPY  Trade

Resistance: 118.56

Support: 118.18

Expiry time: 4 hours

Strategy: CALL

Entry position: 118.1850

Expiry  118.3450  and recorded in the money.


Trade History

Binary options trading the news         strategy

Fundamental analysis is the analysis of economic, social and political data. It is based by the economic situation for the purpose of determining movements in the future. The objective of fundamental analysis from the aspect of binary options  is forecasting the price of one currency and its trend in the market. All economic indicators are released in pairs. The first number reflects the latest period. The second number is the revised figure for the month prior to the latest period. For instance, in November, economic data is released for the month of October, the latest period. Economic indicators are  released at different times.

Trading the news  takes a stab at trading macro-data and provides a good base for those interested in this type of strategy. Strategies are often  applied to different markets and different scenarios. If you are familiar with the various strategies you will be able to use the right strategy for the right market and achieve much greater benefits than the average trader. You will also have the opportunity to learn new and exciting ways to analyze the market and market trends. After spending a lot of time in front of my trading screen this is one strategy I have found to be effective. This strategy is designed for news. I wanted to explain t this strategy in order to see the behavior of price movement  and focusing on macro economic data/news releases. It can be  tested this strategy in every market and in every market condition ranging from the quieter Australian session to the more volatile Asian, European and U.S. sessions as well.

Strategy is focusing on a very short time frame. In order to determine trades I use trend lines, starting with charts of daily prices and then moving down to hourly. For signals use the 15, 10 and 5 minute candlesticks. Trend lines are one of the basic tools are one of the most important and effective tool for binary options traders. Determining the trend lines help the forex  trader to find the underlying market sentiment. I draw my  trend line from the lowest bottom to the highest peak.

Then I draw support and resistance lines. These lines help determine trades once news is released.

Signals are taken just prior to the publishing of macro and micro economic data. Since the strategy can be used on any currency pair it is necessary to choose which pair and which announcement to trade very carefully. Before the announcement you must prepare your charts and make an initial analysis based on the daily and hourly charts. Is the market overbought, oversold? Is it near support or resistance, is it near the trend line, is it moving up/down/sideways etc. Once you have done that move down to the 15 minute chart to get a clearer view of the market based on the underlying longer term trends. Just before the release of data place a trade in the direction of the underlying trend using the 15 minute chart for your signal. Signals include any confirmation, break-out or break-through of support, resistance, trend etc.

Signals should be confirmed by the indicators. Once the signal occurs enter a position in the direction of the break with a 15 minute expiry. Once the data is release market sentiment is expected to follow through producing an in-the-money trade. Because the strategy uses the underlying trends it can be used in both directions allowing bullish and bearish trades. The best part of this strategy though may be the timing for entry position. You know when the announcements are going to be made, trades are placed minutes or even seconds before the release and it is easy.

The shorter the time frame the more chance that longer term trends will adversely affect your trading, especially if you are trading against the longer term trends. It also might suck because it is data dependent. This means that you can’t  use it every day. It is also advisable not to use it for trading over the weekend. Sometimes there will be economic releases from Japan, China or even an EU nation on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Strategy is a potentially useful strategy. It gives traders a base for trading based on signals given during volatile economic data releases. The downside is that it is a complicated strategy and one not suited to new or even intermediate traders. The level of analysis needed, not to mention the level of calmness and faith a trader has in his/here analysis, for this strategy to work is quite high. I also want to take this time to note that trading during the release of economic data is something that most traders don’t do, and for a reason. The markets are very volatile Most traders will wait until after the data to see where prices are heading before making a trade.

Positive economic data for primary currency –CALL STRATEGY -SECONDARY CURRENCY –PUT STRATEGY

Negative economic data for primary currency  –PUT  STRATEGY  SECONDARY CURRENCY –CALL  STRATEGY


Hawkish speech for primary currency- CALL STRATEGY -SECONDARY CURRENCY PUT  STRATEGY

Dovish speech for primary currency- PUT  STRATEGY  -SECONDARY CURRENCY PUT  STRATEGY


What is the primary currency of EUR/USD?

EUR is the primary currency and USD is the secondary currency.


It was published positive economic data for USD trader will do the following


PUT  STRATEGY  on currency pairs  EUR/USD,GBP/USD,

PUT STRATEGY  on gold and silver

CALL STRATEGY on S&P500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones and US stocks

PUT STRATEGY  on DAX, FTSE and European stocks

NZD and AUD aren’t important. Trading with AUD/USD  and NZD/USD  only with momentum and strong trend. Both currency pairs aren’t suitable for mixed and weak trends.


Producer price inflation in the US fell in November to 0.2% after growth of 0.2% in the previous month. Analysts had expected a decline of 0.1%.


Producer Price index expected . -0.1%. 0.3% or higher, CALL USD/JPY. -0.2% or lower, PUT USD/JPY. It was published -0.2% so PUT options on USD/JPY time frame 15 minutes expiry.


Consumers sentiment rose  in the US in November to 93.8 points from 88.8 in the previous month, while analysts expect growth to 89.6 points.

U.S. Prelim UoM  Consumer Sentiment:. Exp. 89.6.  90.1 or more, CALL USD/JPY. 88.4 or less, PUT USD/JPY. It was published 93.8 points do CALL option on USD/JPY time frame 30 minutes expiry.


The number of new building permits issued in Canada rose in October by 0.7%, while the predicted growth of 2.1%


Canadian Building Permits The market expects a score of 2.1%. If the outcome is 13.5% or higher, PUT on USD/CAD.  If the result is 1.7% or lower, CALL option on USD/CAD. It was published 0.7% so CALL option on USD/CAD  time frame 30 minutes expiry.



Manufacturing Production fell  in the UK in October by 0.7% and expected to grow by 0.2%  after rising 0.6% in September.


U.K. Manufacturing Production Expected  0.2%. 0.5% or higher, CALL GBP/USD. 0.1% or lower,  PUT GBP/USD. It was published minus 0.7% so PUT option on GBP/USD 15 minutes time frame expiry.



Industrial production fell by 0.1% in the euro zone after rising 0.5% while it was expected 0.2%.


Euro Zone Industrial Production Expected . 0.2%. 0.8% or higher CALL EUR/USD. 0.1% or lower, PUT EUR/USD It was published 0.1%  so PUT option on EUR/USD 15 minutes time frame expiry.



The  number of unemployed in the US fell last week to 294,000 persons  from  297,000 in the previous week, while the predicted growth to 299,000 persons

U.S. Unemployment Claims: . Expected . 299K. 304K or more, CALL on Gold. 294K or less, PUT on Gold. It was published 294000  PUT option on gold 15 minutes time frame expiry.





RSI 30/70  high/low binary options trading strategy

Levels 30/70

Period 14

RSI is based on the difference between the average closing price during the positive days and the average closing price during the negative days, observed over a period of 14 days. This information is then converted to a value which ranges from 0 to 100 degrees. When the average wage higher than the average loss, the RSI rises, and when the average loss is greater than the average wage, the RSI declines.RSI is usually used to confirm an existing trend. The positive trend is confirmed when RSI is above 50, a negative trend when under 50. It also points to a situation where there has been overbought on the market or to oversold by observing certain levels (usually -30- and -70-) that warn of impending reversal.

The situation in which there has been too much purchase on the market (RSI above 70) means that the market is almost no customers, and will therefore prices likely to fall since those who have previously purchased now want to make a profit by selling. The situation in which there has been oversold (RSI below 30) is opposite the previous

Put/Low trading strategy  entry points :  Put if RSI (14) crosses above 70 and then crosses back down again.

Call/High entry points   Call if RSI (14) crosses below 30 and then crosses back up again.


Pivot points binary options trading strategy

The US stock index Dow Jones in the first minutes of trading on 18th  November 2013 rose to 16029 points, moving level of 16000 points for the first time in history. What’s  next?

It shows support and resistance level of Dow Jones index. The line of support begins from 15715 points. The penetration level of support often leads to further price falls. The next level of support is 15775 points. From this line of support at 15775 in the blue line at the level of 15830 are pivot points. Later I will explain what does   it mean pivot points in binary options trading. The next level is first green   line of resistance at level of 15990. The resistance level is a price that is likely to refuse to continue in the opposite direction, but if you break that level likely to lead to a significant jump or fall in prices. The second line of resistance is at level at 16070 and the third level  of resistance is at level 16130.Dow Jones   was up at 16030 points and then the price pulled back and rejected from this level. Price should be twice deducted from the resistance levels and thus confirm the level of resistance. If prices break through resistance levels and then one  can expect a further rise in the price of the next line of resistance.

In this case if it breaks level at 15990 it will continue to up to the next level at 16070. Dow Jones is in this zone. It is expected to grow further. The price touched the peak at level 16030 and all indicators are showing bullish trend and they are calling for further advance. I will show to you how to use pivot points for binary options trading. Traders use pivot points to identify important support and resistance levels. These are the levels at which there could be a change in the direction of price movement. Pivot points are used for short-term trading such as binary options. Pivot points can be used when the expected penetration resistance as an example in this case. When trading in a range without using pivot sets the input position to purchase close to the resistance as is the case with the Dow Jones which is the entry level position of the 15988 bursting resistance pivot lines are used to identify key levels that need to break in order to move rates classified as a real breakthrough. This allows you to see possible areas where it is believed that it could cause the price movements. We know the direction of the trend. It is a strong bullish trend. It means that the price will rise. It is call option in binary options trading. Let’s see the example of trading. Next step is to choose the expiry time.

You have options to choose from 15,30 minutes, one hour and two hours. But I recommend time frame 15 or 30 minutes. In this case it is chosen time frame of 2 hours. You have options to choose from 15,30 minutes, one hour and two hours. In this case it is chosen time frame of 2 hours. You click on the higher blue button and then click on the blue BUY button and buy it. The trade is executed.

Dow Jones Trade

Resistance: 16070


Time expiry: 10 minutes

Strategy: CALL

Entry positions: 15988.52

We can see results completed trades. Both trading tips recorded in the money. We have success rate 100%.

We owned this knowledge and we had been used in binary options trading to earn the money. Dow Jones provided successful trades. You can see both entry positions near the level of resistance at 15990. The first entry position was at 15988.59. The second price was 1590.22 and both trades recorded in the money at 15991.12 expiry price. I wrote this I wanted to give answers to the following questions. Question every trade. What motivated it? How was the trade managed? Was it successful? Why? Did you lose? Why? Write down your assessment and refer to your comment before you make next trade. I know how much I can win.


Fibonacci retracement binary options trading strategy


Fibonacci analysis provides support/resistance levels for binary options trading.

Fibonacci Retracement Levels: 0.236, 0.382, 0.500, 0.618, 0.764

Fibonacci Extension Levels 0, 0.382, 0.618, 1.000, 1.382, 1.618

Binary options traders use the Fibonacci retracement levels as support and resistance levels. Because the vast majority of traders follow the same levels and sets them CALL and PUT options, support and resistance levels have become self-fulfilling prophecies. Traders use the Fibonacci levels extended (extensions).Again, the majority of watching these levels and appropriate them set goals winning trades, and therefore this tool becomes a self-fulfilling expectation. In an uptrend, the main idea is to monitor the market to retreat to the Fibonacci support level. How to find the retracement levels, click on a significant the lowest level  and drag the cursor to the most recent the highest level.After that will display each of the retracement levels, displaying the price and the corresponding level.0236 looks like the weakest support/resistance level, while the other levels provide support /resistance at about the same frequency. Although these graphs above show how the market normally draws only at the level of 0382, it does not mean that the price every time to hit that level and turn around. Sometimes you will get to 0500 and turn to the second path will reach 0.618 and turn, and sometimes it will completely ignore Fibonacci and rush through all the levels. The market will still continue an upward trend after finding temporary support.

It can see on the picture entry points 1.24515  CALL option on EURUSD 1H expiry exit points 1.24545. It was taken a signal above 0.382 levels and price continued to rise. Price back twice and rejected from 0.382 levels. It was broken 0.618 level and rejected from the next level at 0.764 double peak and then consolidated at 0.618 level.

It can see on the picture entry points 1.24585 PUT  option on EURUSD 1H expiry exit points 1.24520. It was taken a signal above 0.764 extension  levels and price continued to drop. Price back twice and rejected from 0.618 level. It was broken 0.500 level and the price consolidated at 0.382 level expiry.





1H Binary options trading strategy

This is a strategy  can be used on the U.S. markets  when the U.S. sessions are open. This is because that is the time when the most participants are in the market. It can be used during the European session as well but stick with the more heavily trades pairs. This strategy focuses on one hour charts and is almost purely technical in nature. I use the Relative Strength Index, moving averages and candlesticks to make my analysis. RSI should be set to (20,80) and use two moving averages. The best signals will occur when the RSI moves out of overbought/oversold while the shorter moving average makes a corresponding signal. This strategy is based one hour charts with one hour time expiry binary options.

At the one hour chart, MACD is in oversold phase while RSI is a growing trend. Price is between the middle and upper Bollinger Bands so that it is possible further increase in prices. My recommendation would be call option  EUR/USD  at 1.35400.


At the one hour chart MACD is oversold and rising and the RSI is also rising while price has broken through the upper Bollinger Bands indicating market strength. My  recommendation would be call option GBP/USD at 1.64050


MACD has crossed into overbought phase while RSI is trending lower in overbought zone. Price has touched the lower Bollinger Bands  so it is possible a further drop in prices could follow. My recommendation would be put option on crude oil at 94.00

I don’t recommend using it on a day when economic data is being released, a central bank is meeting or expected news announcements are on the schedule. A  lot of mixed data was being released and the strategy didn’t work as expected. Mixed data gives traders a reason to pause, so analysis may not always be correct. In any case mixed and or unexpected news can have a negative impact.

This strategy because it works really well with  binary options. I can be  achieved +75% success rates trading currency pairs. So far, it has produced similar results across the entire list of commonly traded binary options. It uses a blend of indicators that seeks to weed out market fluctuations in favor of the underlying trend. The RSI, MACD and Bollinger bands are used together to pick only trades that follow the trend and to confirm each other. When the indicators do not agree and being to diverge a trader needs to find a balance. MACD can be used to predict reversal of  the trend. For example, if the MACD indicator rises as prices continue to fall, it could be an exit point and signal a possible reverse trade. Bollinger Bands allows traders to compare volatility and relative price levels, a good way to target the shorter term movements. It consists of three bands  in such a way that it includes most of the cost of the asset. Prices will often trend in the direction of a recently touched band, giving traders a chance to profit. When the indicators agree then the strongest signals occur.From my trading experience I have discovered that all traders –winners and losers –share common experiences. At the beginning of testing this strategy I was confused and felt the pain of failure but I persevered in order to come out on top. Writing this strategy I want to explain how to trade successfully on a consistent basis. I wanted to share what I know about the market and its behavior. I wrote this strategy in order to improve   binary  options trading in the U.S. markets. This strategy is good and it is  dedicated for chartists and technical traders. They study charts and historical data to find trends and predict trend changes. This strategy has disadvantages and can be complicated. It is uses a lot of tools such as RSI, moving averages, candlestick and Bollinger bands.

Rads charts binary options trading strategy

What is a signal? How do we find one? Is it one hour charts or one hour expiry? It is 15 minutes charts and 1H time  frame expiry using for this trading strategy.



Strategy PUT

Time expiry 1hous

Charts 15 minutes

Entry points 1.63623





I used this tools for previous trade. Time frame charts is 15 minutes for binary option trading in one hours. Red arrow is showed overbought zone in the lower right corner of the  picture indicates the  overbought zone when I was expected drop in prices. Red arrow is  showed the charts  of a time frame of 15 minutes in the top left corner of the image.In the picture above you can see that Rads bar turns to red and XO bar becomes red. This is your signal for PUT option  signal. Avoid trading during the ranking market and mixed economic data released.

CALL option


Strategy CALL

Time expiry 1hous

Charts 15 minutes

Entry points 0.89319

In the picture above you can see that Rads bar turns to green and XO bar becomes green. This is your is your signal for CALL option. Avoid trading during the ranking market and mixed economic data released Red arrow is  showed the charts  of a time frame of 15 minutes in the top left corner of the image.

Touch/no touch  binary options trading strategy

Touch option is to increase the level of popularity and is now more and more to provide many binary brokers. With  the touch  option you choose whether or not you believe that the property in question will not touch either higher or lower level of the target before the expiration. The outcome depends on whether or not the market price doesn’t or can’t achieve the target price set at the time of placing before the option expires. These types of options are usually offered on a daily basis or on weekends with a broker setting a target distance offers the option.Touch Options belong to the most profitable types of binary options on the market at the moment. While standard options trading offers the possibility of payment in the amount of 70 -80% of the funds invested, at the level of touch option payments can go up to 500 percent on deposits..

Types of Touch Option

There are three types of Touch option which most trade and are always available on the market –

One Touch Options, No Touch Options and Double Touch Option:

One Touch Options    money is paid when the price touches a predetermined value.

No Touch Options   money is paid when the price touches a predetermined value.

Double Touch Options   money is paid when you reach either of the two pre-carte values.


It is existed also touch up/down and No touch up/down trading strategies/


Touch up/down binary options trading strategy is based on the difference in price between market and target price 20 points. The best trading assets for this strategy is EUR/USD.AUD/USD and GBP/USD. You can see good timing for entry points. Market price 1.36198 and target price 1.36178. It is  exactly 20 points. 1.36198-1.36178=20 points. This was good timing for entry points touch  down on EUR/USD

No Touch up/down binary options trading strategy is based on the difference in price between  market price and target price 80-100 points. The best trading assets for this strategy is EUR/JPY

You can see EUR/JPY market price 141.762 and target price 141.701. Different in prices is 141.762-141.701=61 points. This isn’t enough range for entry points for no touch strategy. It is needed to respect the rule of 80-100 points. It this case it is possible. 139.338-139.245=93 points. This is the good timing for entry points.

I will show one winning and one lost trade and explain how it looks like.

You can see No Touch down on EURJPY at target price 141.447   and market price 141.622. It is recorded in the money. To be recorded in the money market price can’t touch target price. If it is  touched  the trade is lost. In this case this was winning trade.


Lost trade

You can see lost trade no touch down on EUR/JPY. Target price was 138.708. Market price couldn’t touch target price. But it did it and it was lost trade. The best time for touch/no touch binary options trading strategy is between 10.00am-11.00am by EST time zone. It is often called power hour. It can be used time frame expiry from 10 to 40 minutes time frame expiry. It depends from time when a  signal was taken.

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